Even through Lozanov does not ariculate a theory of language, the method emphasizes on memorization of vocabulary and its native translation (Richards and Rodgers, 1986: 144 and 2001). The materials to teach seem to be texts with its translation, followed by explanations of grammar of the foreign language (Dorothy, 1981: 1-22). The texts may comprise of dialogues, songs or pictures with words in a target language. In other words, the method suggests that language is seen as a set of grammatical rules and its vocabulary. Grammatical rules and its vocabulary are presented in texts. Language teachers should present and explain the grammar and vocalbulary but these components of the language are not the main activity of the teachers (Larsen-Freeman, 1986: 78 and 200). Translation into mother tongue is not avoid as long as it makes the meaning clear. The texts are graded by lexis and grammar. Language learners are expeted to learn a vocabulary list consisting of new words in the target language. Since the method is proud of being able to make language learners have a working vocabulary consisting of 2, 000 words after 5 weeks of learning (Dorothy, 1981: 24), memorization of words seems to be an important goal of the method.

The textbook in the suggestopedic approach plays an important role. The content and lay out should contribute the success in teaching and learning. The text usually consists of a lighthearted story with a pleasant and emotional spot. The first lesson consists of the greater part of the new materials-600 to 800 unfamiliar words (Lozanov, 1982: 158). This variety of vocabulary is meant for the student not to feel conditioned in language choice.


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