With regard to the nature of language the ALM has some assumption. The method sees the language as follows:

  1. Language is the everyday spoken utterance of the averange person at normal speed. It seems that language is what people speak not what people write. This assumption may be a response to how people used to study a foreign language. In traditional methods many people used to study a foreign language from what was written and the materials were grammar oriented. Grammar and vocabulary are not thought of as a logical arrangement of forms, meanings, paradigms, and rules extracted from the written language but a succession of grammatical patterns that occur constantly in the spoken language. The language materials in audio lingual method are developed based on situational syllabus.
  2. Listening and speaking come first, and reading and writing come later. This assumption seems to be inspired by the process of a child who learn his/her mother tongue. A child always begins with hearing what his/her parents speak and he/she tries to speak afterwards. He/she will learn reading or writing later. This assumption really dominates the procedure of teaching the target language in the ALM. The procedure always begins with listening and speaking and the teaching of reading and writing will be presented after language learners master the spoken language.

Every speaker uses a language in a slightly different manner. Language learners are not forced to speak in the same manner; they are allowed to speak the foreign language in different ways as long as they can communicate in the language.


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