Assumption 1

In CLL the class begins with conversation in the language of the learners. Language learners really express what is in their mind and responses from another learners are also logical and communicative expressions. Language learners do not learn what is in teacher’s head or what has been developed in syllabus. This  strategy seems to maintain learners’ security since the learners feel more secure when they know what they are going to study. The procedure above has been developed from the assumption that language is purposeful behavior between people, intertwined with other kinds of purposive behavior between the same people (stevick, 1976)

Assumption 2

La Forge (cited in Richards and Rodgers, 1986: 115-116 and 2002) states that CLL method sees language as social process, meaning that language is person in contact and in response. The assumption of CLL about language can be seen from the process of language teaching. In CLL language is not only used to communicate but also to deepen intimacy between learners and between learners and knower. CLL also sees language as a set of sound systems that have special meanings and grammatical pattern. Since language is considered as social process, the syllabus of CLL method is not prepared. The “syllabus” may be a spontaneous syllabus that happen to be the topic of the discussion proposed by language learners. Language teachers cannot prepare a teaching material as expected by other traditional methods.



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