The method also has assumption about language learning. The following are some of the assumption about learning.

  1. Learning is the process of change in mental and physical behavior induced in living organism. This assumption implies that language learning is a process of acquiring another set of speech habit.
  2. Language learners will be more eager when they like what they do. This assumption emphasizes on the role of motivation in learning a foreign language. By having good motivation, language learners will have a process of arousing action, sustaining the activity in progress, and regulating the patterns of activity in order to acquire another language.
  3. Language learners must understand clearly what is involved and required. This is related to motivation. Understanding what they have to do will evoke motivation. Many language learners are easily frustrated and then stop learning the target language because they do not know what to do.
  4. Language learners will learn the target language more readily when they concentrate their attention more fully. Without full attention, they will not be willing to spend their time for learning and good performace cannot be achieved. Language learnerd have to learn the language with a clear purpose.
  5. Language learning is a process of habit formation. The more often something is repeated, the stronger the habit and the greater the learning. The ALM believes that learning a foreign language is the same as the acquisition of the native language (Larsen-Freeman, 2000: 43)

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